Zombie candy blitz

“Match and crush candies in deliciously fun Zombie Candy Blitz!

A “”Sweet”” new Match-3 game.
Match candies to collect them, and string several in a row to create big chain combos. Easy to learn but difficult to master!

– PLAY through over 100 rounds of candy collecting mania in Arcade Mode!

– DISCOVER big strings of sweets to create Epic Combos for explosive chains and big point values!

– BATTLE the clock in Blitz and Timed Modes and satisfy the Candy Kids Crushing sweet tooth.

– EARN Boosts and Power-ups like Bombs and Multipliers to take your game to the next level!

– JOURNEY to the Zombie candy blitz and Enjoy Hours and Hours of Fantastic Puzzle Adventure!

This is a non-violent game.

Play it today!”


“In a mystical world far far away lives Wonderboy.

An action packed adventure game with many hours of fun play.
The tale of Wonderboy and the evil wizard is an adventure game and your mission is
to pass through 20 action packed platform levels and defeat the wizards evil giant fly.

3 Playable characters
Boss battles
Earn power ups and power combos

Awesome graphics and 20 massive levels.”


“Puzzle your way through 100 hand crafted levels and get the green brick to the arrow.

This is a mind challenging puzzle game where you need to plan every level in order to get the brick unblocked as fast as possible. If you get the brick through quick enough you also earn your way up to the high-score list.”


“Squash the Twinballs as you roll, climb, bounce and zoom around devilishly designed levels.

A challenge awaits anyone hard enough to squash some twinballs!

Highly addictive game suitable for all ages with 40 addictive levels to play.

Enjoy the world of Twinball!”

Toast a Bear 2

“90 BRAND NEW LEVELS ready for you to play.

Lots of fun and cool game graphics with addictive music and hours of fun play.

Use the bombs and remove the boxes to get the bear to land on the high voltage metal plate and then, PAOW!


Hit him with 200.000 volts and move on to the next level.
A great arcade / strategy game for all ages.”

Toast a Bear

“Drop the bear down onto a metal block by destroying all the other blocks. Once all the blocks are gone and the bear is on a metal block press the ZAPPER button to TOAST THE BEAR!

But watch out, hit the ground and it’s all over.

90 awesome levels , divided into 3 different worlds.”

Tiny Saga

“Super cool match 3 game with a retro touch!

Match 3 or more animals by sliding them up, down and sideways in order to create 3 in a row (or more).

Match as many as you can in 10 moves and get as many points as possible in order to get the highest score!

Compete with players from all over the world and get your name on the high-score list!

Download it today, it’s free!”

Tiny Mermaid

“The tiny mermaid has decided to leave the mermaid kingdom and explore the sea
but she did not know what kinds of danger she might meet along the way.

Beware of the sharks, sea bees and the mighty reef.
Collect points by bouncing off of sea bees and get as far as possible.

You can also collect the stars in order to get very tiny.
The magical sugar candies makes you invincible!”

Tiny bat!

“Unleash the bats!

You need to find your way out of the bat cave and it’s not all that easy.

Collect coins, but beware: The cave contains spikes, enemies, electric beams, and thunder bolts along the way!
If you hit one of those BOOOM, the game is over!

A simple game to play, fun and addictive.

Let’s see how far you can go!”

Swirl Pong


Your goal is to keep the ball bouncing inside the circle.
All you need is one paddle and your reflexes.

You can only control the direction of the paddle movement by tapping the screen.

The rules are very simple:
Keep the ball bouncing inside the circle, a simple rule but very demanding

Swirl Pong is a modern twist of a classic game!

Compete with players from all over the world and get your high-score noticed!”