Crash Bash

Super addictive Crash Bash free for everyone to play!

Tap the screen and avoid getting bashed.

Compete with players all over the world and get your name on the high-score!

Suitable for all ages

Cotton Candy Monster

Visit the world of the Cotton Candy Monster!

A wonderful world of excitement and all the candy a monster can eat!

You need to tap, crash, crunch, blow up, and remove candies and other obstacles to get the candy monster to land on the candy base. Once there, you are safe and can move on to the next level.

Use the bombs to blow and bounce the candy monster in the right direction, all you have to do is to get him to the candy base!

Combined classic arcade game feeling with puzzle and strategy feeling!

90 awesome levels to play with many hours of fun!

Download Cotton Candy Monster and enjoy the world of candy crushing,

Lots of fun for the whole family!

Cookie matches

A sweet new cookie matcher game!

Get 3 in a row to blast the cookies and cakes.
Line up and blast as many as you can as fast as possible to advance to higher points.

A sweet and fun match-3 puzzle game for all ages!

City slots – FREE slot machine!

Are you ready to play City slots?

This is Diamond City Slots, with great bonus features!

Place your bets and let the reels roll, cash in big winnings and play the Bonus Wild Level to earn massive money!

No internet connection needed – Play anywhere and anytime!

Compete with players from all over the world in this awesome Diamond City Slots machine!

Circus Blade Toss

Join the circus and throw knives at the clown!

You are supposed to miss the clown and hit the spinning wheel, but is it really that easy?

Tilt your device and throw away the daggers, aim to miss!

How many misses can you throw in a row?

Christmas Bomb


80 brand new explosive levels for you to play!

Find out what the fuss is all about!

Christmas Bomb is a puzzle game that has 80 explosively fun and challenging levels that will bring your mental creative juices to life!

These levels are spread across 4 distinct worlds that will provide fun for the whole family.

Objective: Blow up some stars and beware of the christmas presents!

How to Play:
1. Drop the bomb close to the stars while avoiding the presents.
2. Stand back and enjoy when the Christmas bomb goes off!

– Great graphics
– Amazing sounds
– 80 amazing and challenging levels in
– 4 whole new exciting worlds to master
– Progressively challenging gameplay
– Great fun for the whole family

Helpful Hint section:
– You can throw the bomb to bounce of walls or drop it from the air!

Spoil yourself with many fun hours of playing Christmas Bomb!

Cheeseman island

CheeseMan island is a 2D Platformer where you play with that little piece of cheese called “CheeseMan”. CheeseMan’s quest is to save the Cheese Land from the evil “Professor Mousky” with the help of “Cheesette”, a tough cheese girl who doesn’t need a plumber to save her.

As for the controls, it was the main focus to make it simple and highly intuitive. Only 2 buttons to move left and right and a jump button to jump, double jump, wall jump. You can fully enjoy the game without freaking out about missing a button…

But that doesn’t mean the game is easy … WAS IT EVER EASY TO SAVE A WORLD ???
If you lose it’s not so bad because you can try as much as you want, no loading when retry, and no lives are required.

In this version you will be able to play through 15 awesome levels. You have to deal with spikes, saws, cannon balls, and other nasty things. At the end of each world you will encounter a Boss that will peel your cheesy skin off if you’re not careful.

Enjoy, tell your friends, and always remember : Cheese is good for you!

– Very “easy to learn” controls , 2 buttons for the directions and one button for jump related actions.
– Skill and reflex challenges
– CheeseMan Transformations
– Funny Bosses
– Very cool retro sound track

Candy pops

A fun game for everyone to play!

Bounce the candy and collect stars, watch out for tiny monsters!
Use gravity and arrows to bounce the candy pops where you need to go.

A free game for everyone to play!

C64 Cookie baker

This game is SPECIALLY made for all C64 game fans and arcade lovers!

100% Retro game with stunning retro sid game music.
C64 Cookie baker is your time travel ticket back to the late 70’s and the 80’s.


You need to match the cookie colors and remove them as new cookies falls down,
The game play is close to the classic Tetris but this one is faster and tons more fun!

It sure looks easy right? But is it really?

When you start this game you will get top notch flashbacks to the late 70’s and the 80’s in no time, you only need to hear the music to bring out that smile.

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Bungo is a super-retro game featuring one touch gameplay mechanics.

There are three trophies to unlock, each trophy also unlocks a new paddle to use in the game.

Slide the bounce plate and hit the ball, do not miss it!