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1pop gunman

The ultimate christmas app and perfect for you on this magical holiday!

– Having trouble making decisions about which presents you are going to buy?
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Currency+ Budget and converter

The best app for budgeting, currency converting, and keeping notes. Simple design and easy navigation will help you watch over your financial position and provide you with information about currency rates any time you need.

Set your own password lock on it to keep it private.

– one balance for all transactions
– revenues and expenses
– comfortable adding of new events
– filter of transactions according to dates
– every month review of statistics

Currency converter:
– main world currencies
– some results at the same time
– fast access to selected currency
– the newest information

– keeping financial notes
– easy-to-use
– system of reminders

Freddys pizza

Online pizzeria i Uppsala
Hemkörning, servering, bar och karaoke.

Vi anordnar barnkalas och pizza homepartyn också

Freddys Pizza Uppsala – så mycket mer än bara en pizzeria!